Krav Maga

Classes are Mon - Thurs
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This program is a serious self defense course designed to give you a high level work out and most importantly, quickly and effectively train you in the most street wise self defense tactics you can learn anywhere. 

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Class Structure:

We have four classes during the week Monday through Thursday starting at 7:30 pm each night (schedule).  Each class has a slightly different focus to maximize your training.  The best way to understand the course structure is to attend each class and the first week is free to try things out.  We recommend training as much as possible when you first begin to gain a good understanding of the system and to develop your basic skills.  At any given time the class may have some beginners or more advanced practitioners, and everything in between.  We all train together and work as a team to make each other better and safer for the streets.    

We will strive to incorporate various scenarios and weapons drills in each self defense class to make the class dynamic and realistic for the outside world.  Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you can gain knowledge and good training in every class.  When we have seminars we focus on specific tactics that include weapons defense scenarios.  Members can attend these seminars at no additional cost and some of these will also be open to the public to sign up.  For more information please call or come in and try out a class.


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