What are people saying about us?




Staff was extremely polite and professional. I took the Krav Maga classes that they offer and they were helpful to bring in new people that had various knowledge down little to no knowledge of self-defense. It's a good way to get a good workout in while also learning how to defend yourself. I would recommend that you at least give it try they usually let you try the first week out for free to get a feel for the place anyway.

Kurt B.

"I joined the McHenrys a year ago in February, and have had nothing but a beautiful experience training with them. I'm part of the usual Krav Maga/Fitness/Jiu Jitsu evening classes, and when I first signed up, I found out how out of shape I really was. Even on a normal defense day, I was waking up sore and in pain, and I could barely make it through any of the fitness evenings. However, as the months progressed, I found myself breathing easier, moving faster, and able to do and retain more and more of the techniques being passed through the classes. The classes still wear me down, and I still find myself drenched in sweat at the end of the hour, but I'm able to do even more than I ever could. I'm more confident when I walk through crowded areas, or leave a building in the dead of night to get to my vehicle. I don't wish for someone to attack me (I don't think anyone does) but I do know in the event that someone tries something, I have a solid mental arsenal to choose from in order to protect myself or others who may be in danger. If you're on the fence, just come in and see how it all works. While it may not look like everyone's cup of tea, it does work for anyone."

Justin M.

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring, and when it comes to teaching you how to defend yourself and those you care about, they are down right serious."

James B.


"Really great people. I had fun training here. "

Nate S. 

One of the better Martial Arts studios I have been a part of. The instructors are awesome and they love what they do. They create a very family friendly environment. I would recommend this studio to any one whether they are looking for a good workout, or looking to learn self defense in multiple disciplines this is the place for you.

Chris A

Very good instruction and a family atmosphere at this school, one of the better ones in the city in my opinion. 
John N.
"Great Family, great training. I just happened to move out of the area. "
Daniel I.